Have a look at one of the Eight Metre Yachts already listed in this registry, every week more will be added until all 282 in the Database are listed. Out of the around 500 8 mR yachts ever build around 200 still exist and we have partial or full data on almost 300 of them. the order in which we will make them known here is the first we added where those that have registered to race on the Clyde in the summer of 2024 for the worlds and then we added those that raced in Genoa in the summer of 2023 next will be Geneva 2022 and then Cowes 2019. this to list the most active boats first but ultimately we will have listed the whole database and then we will do research in the off line archives to find even more.

we can use your help in finding more information and stories so please contact us if you have details, stories or nice picture.