Eight Metre Yachts for Sale

Sailing Condition

As a class, we want to promote the 8mR yachts worldwide and help in finding new costodians for 8mR yachts. Therefore, Yachts of owners who are paying racing membership fee for the IEMA are able to list their Eight on the IEMA website for free.

Under this listing of Eights for Sale you can find the list of recently Acquired, Build, Restored or re-Activated Eights.

  • Athena

    Year: 1939

    Sail: K 36

    GBP 220,000
  • Erica

    Year: 1949

    Sail: GBR 38

    € 250.000
  • Lara

    Year: 1929

    Sail: FIN 10

    € 135.000
  • Mirabelle

    Year: 2003

    Sail: AUS 8

  • Pleione

    Year: 2004

    Sail: US 38

    Now $ 280,000
  • Severn II

    Year: 1934

    Sail: CAN 7

    Partnership & Ownership considered
  • Sposa II

    Year: 1929

    Sail: GER 5

    € 310.000
  • Yquem II

    Year: 2001

    Sail: SUI 2

    €240,000 VAT Paid


what would it be amazing if we are able to list all eight metre yachts for sale around the world here, even the ones that are kept in gardens as projects, for years only because they have pedigree and should be kept for the future. we are talking about mobile heritage. so keep an eye on this section.

Activated Eights

Here you find a list of the recently newly build, acquired, restored or dusted off Eights, in other words, Reactivated Eight Metre Yachts.


These Eight Metre’s are currently undergoing major restorations, we hope to get updates from these projects and will update the list regularly.


  • Brand VI

    Year: 1921

    Sail: N 18

  • Colleen II

    Year: 1925

    Sail: E 1205

  • Ibis

    Year: 1928

    Sail: NOR 29

  • Rollo II

    Year: 1926

    Sail: N 22

  • Sogalinda

    Year: 1927

    Sail: -

  • Thamar II

    Year: 1926

    Sail: N 37

  • Vanessa

    Year: 1927

    Sail: KA 9

  • Verano II

    Year: 1920

    Sail: N 38


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